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Masterda Surya Sen

Indian revolutionary
and School Teacher

22 Mar1894 - 12 Jan 1934



Program Outcome

  1. Understand the concepts of basic accounting and business operations.

  2. To enrich communication, ethical valves, teamwork, Professional and leadership skill sets of students.
  1. To integrate knowledge, skill and attitude that will help the students creativity with an assurance for good careers.
  1. To lend manpower needs of companies in Accounting, Taxation, Auditing, Financial Analysis and management.
  1. Analyze the economic, social and environmental issues related to business.
  1. Ability to work in teams with enhanced inter-personal skills.
  1. An inclination towards lifelong learning and acquiring contemporary knowledge.

Program Specific Outcome

  • Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting will help students to obtain an understanding of practical aspects of accounting including in the areas of branch, hire-purchase, joint ventures, consignments and many others.

  • Business Law

This paper will provide an insight into some major laws relevant for operating businesses within Indian Commercial Framework.

  • Business Organisation and Management

Students will have an idea of the basics of management including leadership, motivation, controls etc.

  • Corporate Law

Corporate Law governs all the registered companies operating in India and will help commerce students to understand the legal requirements applicable to a company operating in India.

  • Income Tax laws and Practices

Students will learn the direct tax codes applicable to individuals as well as firms, companies etc and understand how taxation laws are applied.

  • Corporate Accounting

This paper aims to provide an insight into techniques of business decision-making in the areas of valuation, amalgamation, holding-subsidiary etc.

  • Entrepreneurship

This paper will provide an understanding of the basic principles of entrepreneurship, classifications of enterprise and utilization of business resources.

  • Cost Accounting

This paper is aimed to help the students assist in understanding the approaches of determining costs of product and services and analysis of the elements of cost.

  • Business Mathematics and Statistics

This paper demonstrates the collection and presentation of business data and the descriptive and inferential analysis of the quantitative data with the analysis of the significance level. Students will also learn theoretical aspects of matrix, determinants, calculus, linear programming and the applications thereof.

  • E-Commerce

Students will have an understanding of how information-technology is used to market products and services and security systems applied over it.

  • Banking and Insurance/ Principles of Marketing

Students will have the choice to learn either the system of banking and insurance or how products and services are marketed and various strategies, considerations, distribution channels related to marketing.

  • Management Accounting/Human Resource Management

Management Accounting will help students to understand the how quantitative information leads to management decision-making. HRM will provide an overall idea about how human resource is obtained, developed and maintain inside an organization in order to achieve the organizational goal with highest job satisfaction.

  • Principles of Microeconomics

Students will learn the price mechanism and the behaviors of consumers and producers under conditions of extremism. Students will be able to identify the cases where market outcome will be inefficient like monopoly, monopolistic competition and oligopoly.

  • Computer Applications in Business

Students will understand the some computer softwares used in day-to-day business operations including MS Office.

  • Computerised Accounting and Systems/Auditing and Corporate Governance

Students will have the option of either enhancing the skills required for computerized accounting systems or learn the procedures, principles and techniques of auditing and get an overview of Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibilities.

  • Financial Markets, Institutions and Financial Services/ Goods and Services Tax and Customs Duty

Students have the choice of either have the basic knowledge of financial markets, institutions and major financial services in India or learn newest indirect tax laws and tax implications of cross-border transactions.

  • Indian Economy

Students will learn the macro aspects of Indian Economy regarding basic issues and concepts of growth, development, structural changes and policy applications.

  • Business Communication

This paper helps students to learn how formal and written communications are made in business houses.


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